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2019 Registration

3rd-6th grade volleyball registration is open. Click the link below to register.


Wait List Information

We will be initiating a new policy with a maximum team size of 9 per team. We will be registering 2 teams of 9 for volleyball. This change is needed in order to maximize instruction time for our volunteer coaches as well as playing time for the students.

What this means is the first 18 students registered will be placed on a team.  After 18, anyone who registers will be notified of their placement on a Wait List.

If your student is placed on the Wait List, your position on the list will be held for you, but you will not have to pay the fee right away.  (You will be notified during the registration process online if this is the case). Once there are enough students on the Wait List to form a new team, you will be notified of placement and then have 2 days (or until registration closes, whichever is less) to complete payment for your student to be added to the team.  If you do not complete payment within that time frame, the position will be open to another student and you will move to the end of the line.

If there are not enough players to form a team by the close of registration, you will be notified, and your account will not be charged. Your student will not be placed on a team.


Registration Deadlines 2019:

7-8: August 23 

3-6: October 6th


3/4 Grade: TBA 

5/6 Grade: TBA

Practice Starts:

7th-8th Grade: August 26th

3rd-6th grade: TBA


Games Start:

7th-8th Grade: Mid September

3rd-6th grade: Approx. 11/1


3-4: $65

5-6: $65

7-8: $100

Game Schedules: